I went to Westborn chrysler to purchase a used vehicle knowing that my credit was not very good. But because I make a decent amount of money they would not turn me down.

Long story short a manager name Jeff Roekle. Tried to sell me a car blue book at $17,400 in excellent condition. But of course this car was not in excellent condition. So the price was $15,000 but then they wanted to charge me a 19 % interest rate and a $3,700 acquisiton fee plus the regular taxes and documentation fees and $1,000 down payment over a period of 72 months.

Bringing the total cost of a $15,000 car to $32,400. And they were giving me a good deal because my credit was poor and the banks lending practices have changed.

Buyers please beware of this dealership because they are going to tell you that in 7 months then in 12 months you can come back and refinance this car at a lower interest rate if you are not late 1 time over this duration.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Hi I just read your comment and I'm kind of in the same situation. I have a law suit against them for having me sign into a lease when i wanted to purchase a vehicle.They raised the sticker price and the cap price from 43,000 to 63,000 dollars they have me making an $800 a month payment for a 3yr lease, that they misrepresented as a purchase so my lawyer wanted me to reach out to those who have been taken advantage of and lied to as they did to me so that we can warn others and shut them down so I'm reading reviews to find those who have been a victim of the scams there doing please contact me at 313 896-8071 thank you I hope we can put an end to there schemes


Credit starts at 850 and goes down to 600 based on how you pay your bills.If you have a 550 fica score then the bank will charge a high intrest rate and fees NOT the dealer.

When the bills come in the mail you are supposed to put payment in the envelope and send them back.

And if you dont agree with what the bank is charging for fees and intrest for a high risk credit loan then dont sign it.

Pay cash.


Why did you sign the papers if it was such a rotten deal???

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